Saturday, June 27, 2009

The award for Father of the Year

After waking my husband up from his nap this morning...

Me: I'm going out for a little bit.
Hubby: Who are you taking with you?
Me: I am going by myself.
Hubby: You mean you're going to leave all the kids for me to babysit?
Me: Yes. I'm tired, I am not feeling good, and I need a break. You don't seem inclined to give me one, so I'm going out for a bit.
Hubby: You think it is safe to leave six kids with just me?
Me: As safe as you think it is.

I have now been back for a couple of hours, he has since declared that we will be lucky if he lives another year before we kill him. Damn good thing Father's Day has already come and gone this year.


  1. Good for you! Why didn't I ever think of that? Just TELL him I'm going out? Revolutionary.

  2. I'm glad you got a little break. What did you do? I wish you could have taken a long nap in your own room.

  3. I hate it when the dad says they are "babysitting". Babysitting is what a teenager does to make some extra money, taking care of your own child is called resposibility.

  4. It is also a pet peeve of mine Tanya...a BIG TIME pet peeve.