Saturday, June 6, 2009

Husbands and teaching moments

I don't mind helping my husband out with some of his work issues...usually. This one, takes the cake though. Due to reasons unknown by me, at the eleventh hour it became apparent that my husband would need a travel credit card for his upcoming temporary duty in Tampa. He is slated to arrive in Tampa on the 7th and remain there for a period of time between two weeks and five months.

Someone realized their mistake in not sending his card out sooner, and had it sent overnight...but, they mailed it me, instead of to my husband. So, I called Hubby to let him know that I had gotten the card. This is when the problems started. Frankly, I wish that I hadn't been home when UPS came a knocking.

My husband is an engineer. He is that guy that builds roads and bridges. A smart man. A book smart man. He has the common sense of a two year old child though, and depending on the two year old, I might just be insulting the kid. I called Hubby approximately 5,211 times yesterday (well, it DID feel like 5,211) and each time was told that he was working on his accident report from the scorpion sting and he would call me later. Later came only AFTER five o'clock. Ya know, that close of business time. That time by which if he needed me to overnight the card...the post office would be closed.

So, he called me after five to ask me to overnight the card. Knowing that I had just struck out on Plan A, I called FedEx and asked about their overnight delivery (a no go) and was referred to their same day service...which, thankfully I still have a sense of humor and was able to laugh and ask if they were going to fly it there first class for the $300 they wanted. So, I suggested that my husband appeal to the manager of the hotel for an option that wouldn't require him to have the card on his person at check in.

I should have saved my breath. He never did it. Instead he asked if I wanted to drive the card to the hotel for him. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Funnier than FedEx, I tell you. Today, after washing my hands of him yesterday, he calls in a panic wanting to know what he should do. I called the hotel myself, not because I really cared where he was going to sleep at this point, but, because he was starting to call every five minutes and whine...which I hate. The hotel said..."no problem, we'll fax you an authorization form to fill out and fax back to us."

So, I called my husband and informed him of all our combined wasted time, energy, and patience (all lost patience was mine) because this issue wasn't an issue after all. So, he tells me he doesn't have access to a fax. So, seeing a 'teaching moment' I suggested he call the local office supply store and explain his predicament and see if they have any suggestions. I figure he'll either ignore me and call in a panic later today or tomorrow when he gets to the hotel, or he'll buy a fax and then call and ask how to set it up (no land line in his place down there) or maybe...he'll freaking call me with the fax number to his local Office Depot. Only time will tell.

Anyone else out there see the need for 'teaching moments' with their spouses? Is it just me?


  1. You are very patient! I'm usually the one in the teaching moment...the one being taught. It would be my hubby coaching me through a moment like that. Good for you taking care of him like that. At least you know he couldn't live w/o you! =)

  2. Oh, you are cracking me up!!! We have similar issues. My husband has many, many things at which he excels, but there are some logistical problem-solving issues that end up much like what you've described above.

    Unfortunately my lessons rarely take.