Thursday, June 4, 2009

How could a week with so many cakes suck so bad?

I swear I've gained 10 pounds this week, well, more like a pound and half. Still though, bad news for the waist. Cake makes me really happy though, and this week we've had six of them. Six cakes in four days. Six different decadent ways to self medicate with butter cream frosting. Three cakes for class parties, one from us for BB's graduation, one from Nana and Papa for BB's graduation, and one from Nana and Papa for LB's [belated] birthday.*Sigh*, I'm already mourning for cake eaten. Thank goodness for the cake factor, because this week is not the most fun I've had put it mildly.

Hubby called to let me know that he was stung by a scorpion while working. BB is sick. TLL is covered in mosquito bites that look awful. Her bites are red, raised, huge, and plentiful. Poor baby. H seems to be coming down with BB's whateverthehell. JB got stung? bitten? by an unknown creepy crawly on the school bus today and now her leg is swollen and painful. I missed a step on my way down the stairs to make a bottle last night, then subsequently fell down the rest of the staircase. Baby Girl is all stuffy and I am terrified that she is coming down with BB/H's whateverthehell. LB is far...knock on wood. Aack!

Tomorrow is Baby Girl's two week check up. She still hasn't lost her cord, though it is now hanging on by a [kinda thick] thread. Any movement irritates it and now she is bleeding a little bit. Thankfully, my aunt is going to watch the rest of the children, so it will just be TLL, Baby Girl, and me at the doctor's office tomorrow. Every diaper change has me whimpering for Xanax (of course, I don't actually have any) to stave off the panic attacks.

I bought my Mother's Day present today. The Keurig coffee maker is now mine. I made the decision to buy it last night after I took my Humpty Dumpty like fall. *I cannot survive without caffeine, I refuse to try any longer, because if I break a bone we are really screwed.* I am in love. I'm not sure if this machine is as fabulous as I think it is, or maybe that I'm easily impressed after my caffeine deprivation, but, this thing ROCKS! The kids keep trying to pour coffee down my throat because they like brewing it so much. Just wait until I show them the hot cocoa samples that came with it.

There have been various and sundry other calamities and catastrophes that have occurred this week, but, my mind is shutting down due to lack of sleep, so you all are spared the details. Cake and coffee, cake and coffee, cake and coffee...I'm chanting it over and over to myself and trying to find some inner peace. Now, it is time for me to clean up (not a pretty thought) and sterilize bottles, and not sleep.



  1. I am so glad that you got your coffee maker. Happy belated Mother's Day. Enjoy the cake and coffee.

  2. Happy Mother's Oh and Xanax is very good to have on hand ;)

  3. So glad you have the coffee maker. I couldn't live without mine. Is that how you clean for 4 hours in the middle of the night? I've got plenty of coffee on board, and I cannot manage that. Wish I could!

    Oh, and re: your comment on my post -- I never said he was GOOD at washing dishes...just that I taught him. And I looked over his shoulder the whole time!