Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An update on doctor stuff

A few of you expressed interest in what we were doing in conjunction with our pediatrician in regard to Hercules and his really wild behaviour. This is an update on those goings on.

H has been taking Nystatin, he was prescribed a six week course. While I don't believe that it has helped his focus any, it has helped prevent any diaper rashes so I'm keeping up with this one.

The doctor also suggested a self help book (scary, right?) called Love and Logic Magic that isn't available in any bookstore, so I'm hoping that Amazon pulls through for me on this one. I am skeptical that this book will help, but, hey...I'm desperate, right?

On the subject of dietary changes, I get a big fat FAIL! H can open the fridge by himself, even though there is a child safe latch on it. If I don't give him what he wants, he simply waits until my back is turned and he gets it himself. With TLL drinking milk now instead of formula and several more growing kiddos around, I am loathe to banish dairy from our home unless it is strictly necessary, so H will undergo allergy testing to see if we will need to try harder to make that leap.

Clams Forte, the herbal supplement that the doctor suggested I give him when he is particularly fractious is something that I'm on the fence about. While it is 'all natural' the intent is still to alter, albeit through herbal methods, my kid's mood. I am using it, but, only at nap time and bedtime, when it seems kinder to try to help him relax so that he can have his much needed sleep as opposed to whenever he is bouncing off the walls,which I think was more the doctor's intent.

If you are wondering exactly what I'm trying to say about this, so am I. My child's behaviour is definitely not normal, but, is his uniqueness something that requires medical intervention?

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  1. what makes him "not normal?" i have two boys and one is waaaay worse than the other. i say, some kids have more difficult personalities, and hopefully, they will learn to control themselves one day. obviously they need good, consistent parenting to learn to do that.

    and hey - there are plenty of obnoxious, badly behaved adults. do we medicate them?