Saturday, August 29, 2009

Misc nothings

Today was a 'me' day. I left the house bright and early, my first stop was to have my eyebrows waxed, then an Origins mini facial complete with having my make up done, then on to the nail place for a mani/pedi, and finally a hair cut. I fit in some shopping between appointment times too. Pair of Calvin Klein jeans for $20? Thanks, I think I will.

How can you be sure that the technician 'over waxed' your brows? When the first thing your make up artist does is apply brow powder for the first time in your life. Just saying. Other than that, I loved the facial, it was so very soothing, but, I didn't like the make up. I didn't like the coverage, colours, or finishes. I am firmly stuck in a rut, which is exactly where I intend to stay.

I had a guy do my nails today. Which isn't unusual in and of itself, but, he was from Thailand...which is and his English that! I hate/despise/abhor having my nails done. It means that I have to sit still for a very long time, and I suck at that. Today however, my nail tech narrated 'Legends of the Fall' as that was what was on television and I found him to be hysterical. Shows you all how often I get out! Also, I don't recommend anyone else say that they saw that movie in the theater. Apparently it shows a girl's age, and then mysteriously you go from Miss to Madam, again, I'm just saying. Also, on this same subject, the reason we didn't say that Brad Pitt looked 'all Grizzly Adams' in that movie back in the day, was because the latest and greatest Grizzly Adams hadn't happened to remind us of the likeness yet.

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