Sunday, August 23, 2009

As happy as I am about football, I'm sad to see summer go

Summer is over. Oh, not the weather, the temperature is still well into the nineties everyday. My children's summer break is over and I am completely beside myself. I am going to miss them unbearably. At the same time I am excited. The school year gives purpose and structure to my day. Schedules seem so much easier to keep during this time of year.

I have been asking myself what in the world I will do without them. This whole summer they have pitched in happily and helped entertain a baby when necessary, slipped a pacifier back in a crying mouth on their way past, pushed shopping carts and strollers for me, in short they have been awesome big siblings and phenomenal children. I have no idea what life will be like without them and I'm a little afraid that I won't be able to deal so well, you know? There won't be anyone to talk to during the day that I don't have to use my 'teacher voice' when addressing, there won't be as many spontaneous hugs and kisses, there won't be as much laughter. I am going to miss them so much!

This school year is presenting so many new challenges. With my oldest in middle school and the whole busing issue which isn't yet completely resolved, I am so worried about how the added stress of having to drive my son and pick him up everyday will affect us all. I am praying at the same time that it won't come to that. There is a bus stop a half a mile from our house. Tomorrow morning, he and his friend will walk there, down a major street that is always bustling with traffic, and they will get on that bus. The problem is, that he is not technically eligible to ride that bus because he is supposed to be walking (1.9 miles) to school. I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that he will continue to be allowed to ride that bus. If not, getting all my children home will become a logistical nightmare. The little kids will ride the bus (the elementary and middle school are right next door to each other by the way) which picks them up at the end of our street in the morning, but, in the afternoon it drops them off AFTER the time that I will need to leave in order to pick BB up by. However, if they are car riders and not bus riders, I will have to pick them up a full hour earlier than when BB gets out of school. How in the heck am I going to be in two places at once and what in the world will I do with the babies and the little big kids for that hour in between pick ups?

I suppose I should get off the computer with all my worries and woes and do some laundry and then try to go to sleep. Whatever tomorrow brings, it will come early.

Out for frozen yogurt with LB and JB.

BB in the laser tag tunnel.

Me heaving after a steep climb to the top of the slide! My legs are so sore and that is so sad.

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