Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Family and pictures

Most of you will have noticed in pictures that I have posted that my youngest daughter has a large 'strawberry' birth mark under her eye. I was at first really upset about it. None of my other children have had any birth marks and I was devastated that my beautiful daughter hears nothing but, "poor baby, what is THAT under her eye?" People are jerks. Inconsiderate jerks. I'm over it now, but, I still think people are jerks.

I recently had her pictures done and I was excited to share them with the family and a few friends in an online album. My mother called today to say that a.) she thanks me for sharing the pictures b.) the baby is beautiful, and c.) why in the hell had I not paid extra to have that nasty thing airbrushed out?

I chose not to have that nasty thing airbrushed out because I love my daughter just the way she is. I also want her and my other children to know that I love her, and each of them just the way they are. I don't see any nasty things when I look at my baby. I see my daughter. Beautiful, little, amazing, and perfect.

So, please tell me bloggy pals...would you have had anything airbrushed?


  1. No, I would not have had it airbrushed b/c it wouldn't have been true to reality! Also, later your child would think you did it out of embarassment, which would make her self conscious.

  2. Absolutely not! It's a part of her. And while it will most likely clear up in a few years, it's part of who she is now. I remember getting the same question with my senior pics about the freckle on my lip, but that's a "feature" unique to me so why would I.

    She's beautiful and has nothing to hide.

  3. P.S. I thought you were going to say your mom asked why you didn't pay more (to the Dr.) to have it removed, lol. Like it was an extra service or something. :)

  4. Tanya, she has SO already been there. Really.

  5. No way! One of my girls had a huge strawberry on the side of her head (handy for quick identification!) and it disappeared by the time she was a year old. I had to explain "our" strawberry a billion times as well.

    People are goofy. And your baby is beautiful. You should feel free to relay both factual items!

  6. Nope. It's part of who she is. I wouldn't change hair color in a photo because I wanted a blonde child and got a brunette. I'm with you all the way there, girl.

  7. I have had people ask why I have so many family pics of Miles screaming. Well, for about three years, he refused to be in front of a camera. We had pics anyways. Now he looks at the pics and laughs and says, "I was so sad."
    I would never airbrush anything out.