Thursday, August 13, 2009

Even my cats are dysfunctional

My Persian cat is an anti social fellow. I was assured of this fact by the man who gave him to us. "Not a lap cat," he said. As I sit here typing this, Foxy is laying in my lap. While it is true that Silver Fox (his full snooty name) isn't particularly social, he has seemingly forged some sort of bond with me. At least he no longer bites me if I try to pet him. It could have something to do with me sleeping on the kitchen floor with him in our old house while I tried to acclimate him to our home. It might be because he senses a stupid cat person. Nevertheless, I have always felt very tenderly towards my fluffy white kitty. Until now. I have been paying more attention to what my boy is up to when he is on my lap. My neutered cat sits in my lap when he washes his ding-a-ling. Yep, that's right...when he licks himself. Now I know what my friend who is a vet meant when he loudly guffawed upon seeing Fox in my lap on a previous occasion. "He isn't telling you he loves you," my friend said, "he is saying YOU are MY BITCH!"

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