Wednesday, January 28, 2009

They are just children, but...

Somewhere in my house there is a child that got up last night for a drink. I know this because in the morning my refrigerator door was open. I am hoping that the contents of our fridge are still safe to eat. I should know soon, I just drank some milk. What do they have against refrigerated goods?

The big boy has one chore and only one chore. It is his responsibility to walk the dogs. Once before school and once after school. A total of twenty minutes out of his day. This morning he got up early (no doubt because there was unfinished homework) and woke up the other two school-goers. He also woke me and the babies. Therefore it amazes me that in the hour and a half he had to get dressed and walk the dogs...he waited until ten minutes before they had to leave for the bus. It amazes me AND annoys me.

Jelly Belly stayed home from school today. She is still complaining of a possible headache/stomach ache/foot ache. I know that she is okay, but she doesn't. I took the worst path, the one of least resistance, and let her stay home because it is going to rain today and I don't want to have to drag the babies out in it to go and pick her up when the school calls.

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