Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A first tooth

The children all brought home fundraiser packets from school yesterday. They went to an assembly where a guy (who I am sure also runs a pyramid scheme) suggestively sold them the world in prizes for participation. The same guy also instructed the children to put the packets in the refrigerator to ensure that all the parents would find them. My children who NEVER take directions from me...followed his to the letter. They placed their packets in my fridge, and because I just went shopping on Sunday, they even left a dozen eggs and a gallon of milk on my kitchen floor so there would be enough room. Even though I am vehemently opposed to my children soliciting our neighbors and family, especially right now, when the state of the economy is hurting so many...I gave in to their cries and pleas. I spent a good two hours last night filling out postcards to be mailed with solicitations for magazine subscriptions. For this terrible reason, I got way too little sleep and I am feeling it today. I am so tired. So very tired that it is almost physically painful.

The little lady cut her first tooth today! This would be such a joyous occasion had she not tried chewing on her fingers all day long and crying out in pain as a result. I really wanted a picture of that gummy, and now a little toothy smile, but for now her mouth is more carefully guarded than Fort Knox.

Jelly Belly went to the clinic AGAIN today at school. She is there twice a week at least. I am so tempted to scream, "my daughter is a hypochondriac, leave me alone," when I see the number from the clinic on my caller id. Fortunately I have yet to do this, but, my resolve is weakening.

Hercules had a good day today! I can't remember a single incident perpetrated by him that made me want to lock myself in the bathroom to cry. He is so cute and smart and strong. When I watch him sleep I wonder how a child so perfect can drive me to distraction.

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