Monday, January 12, 2009

Some things are too cute to forget

I will begin by saying that we are all sick. This being the case, I was loathe to leave the house today. There are some things that can't wait though, like toilet paper, which was what we needed today. So, coughs, sniffles, tissues and all we set off for the store this morning.

The shopping trip itself wasn't really noteworthy except that Whole Foods has finally made it to Jacksonville, and Whole Foods...I love you! Hercules consumed a couple of pounds worth of cheese samples as we shopped. My children HATE to shop, but, they all love Whole Foods because there is a sample at the end of every aisle...their equivalent to a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It was meant to be a quick shopping trip, but the barista called out that she was starting my coffee as we strolled past. So as not to disappoint her...and to feed my caffeine addiction, a mocha was in order. While I was paying for my coffee, H spotted his favorite feature of Whole Foods...the pizza oven. With only twenty minutes to go before they opened, it was decided that we should stroll so H could take lunch home with him. Stroll we did, during which time I managed to fill my cart with $100 worth of stuff I didn't need, and the Sample Ladies gave the little man a tiny cup of French yogurt, orange juice, cinnamon raisin bread, and brownies.

The pizza bar opened and we snatched the first slice of cheese that came out of the brick oven. We paid the cashier, who gave H not one, but, two sheets of stickers and headed for the car. After stowing the groceries in the car...that I still haven't finished unpacking from Saturday's trip to Costco, I tried to pick H up from his seat in the ginormous race car cart. "Wait," he squeals, "I am trapped in here." Sure enough, I forgot that I buckled him into the cart. Then Hercules laughs, both dimples showing, "I didn't mean trapped, I meant strapped." I can see the two year old gears turn, "But, I guess I am strapped and trapped," which said in his little boy way...made me laugh until I cried...and not because I had to sneeze.

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