Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Zoo yesterday, Gymboree today

I took the two little ones to the zoo yesterday. I think I had more fun than they did. We got to feed the giraffes and I found that absurdly amusing. H had a blast, he was very excited to see everything, although he kept asking for more monkeys.

Jelly Belly sprained her finger on the slide at Burger King Monday night (yes I know only MY daughter could do this) so she called to come home from school yesterday. We were at the zoo, so my Aunt picked her (and for some strange reason the other kids too) up from school.

On the way back from the zoo, we stopped at her house to get 'the big kids' and then battled rush hour traffic to get back to Mandarin. We stopped at Target to get a finger splint for Jelly Belly, which just in case you need one, they don't sell. My ten year old who is banned from video games at the moment, found a PlayStation game on clearance for five bucks, so he purchased that. Then we headed next door to Publix, which does sell finger splints. By the time I left Publix with five kids in tow, my energy level was somewhere between exhausted and deceased.

I made dinner. Then waited for what seemed like an eternity for bedtime to roll around. At 7:00 I knew I would die before they slept, by 7:30 I was falling asleep sitting up, at 8:00 I gave up. I called bedtime...early. This was met with the maximum amount of resistance possible, but I finally convinced them that we needed to go to sleep early so that JB's finger could heal...or so I thought.

At 10:30 BB woke me up. He was holding the baby. I felt awful. I was so tired that she woke him up before me? Bad mommy...bad mommy. Until, I went into the baby's room and found the tv on in there with the playstation hooked up to it, and the computer turned on and connected to the addicting games website.

BB had woken TLL up while GAMING after bedtime. Instead of cleaning his room and getting his game privileges back, he has just been waiting for me to go to sleep, and then playing till his heart is content. Grrrr...boys, I didn't pull crap like that until high school.

So tonight and for the immediate future bedtime will be at 8:00p.m., so that I can stay awake long enough to make sure they are all sleeping. This is providing that the Gymboree class that Hercules and I will attend today as a trial does not kill us, or what I am really worried about, that he does not kill any of his peers. My forty-five pound bruiser 'playing' with other toddlers from 22 months to 28 months...we shall see.

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