Tuesday, November 6, 2012

To be or to not...

Jeff's company flies all the employees out to Seattle for a week in December.  Spouses can come, but, must pay their own way,  Before the 'pay your own way' was noted, I was invited.  After that came to light, the bills became more important than me.

I get the point.  We are behind on bills and it will help us catch up.  However, it would have been my first real vacation in my entire life.  It would have allowed me to recharge my batteries and come home a rejuvenated person who just had a whole week with the man she barely gets to see here.  It would have meant everything to me.

So...c'mon y'all, tell me that I'm not worth that $300, tell me it is all in my head.  I need to hear it.

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