Sunday, July 15, 2012

When life is a roller coaster, things happen fast

The first item I'll address in this post, as many of you were considerate enough to ask, is my eldest son.  He is currently on hiatus with my mother.  When he comes home, he will be living with his father.  I am backing away.  We are at the point where my trying to intervene does more harm than good, and I fully recognize that now.  I will always be here for him, and I love him, and I am proud of him...when he is ready, we'll resume a relationship, right now though, think of it as an episode of Sr vs Jr.

Living with the dogs did not work out for J.  He is a cat person, dogs are too much for him to handle, and thus, I have found a wonderful family to love and potentially try to place my JRT and Papillion one day.  They have two houses, both furnished like any home, comfy and warm.  The difference is that one home is for the dogs and the other is for them.  It's a beautiful set-up.  The dogs they have are terrific, mostly older companion dogs, who now truly are masters of their own domain.  Animal Planet plays on the flat screen, relaxing music plays in the garden, and dogs of every size and breed are playing happily within, plus, I get visiting is the best I can have of both worlds, in the most literal sense.

Not working well for J too, was having the baby.  It was too much, too soon.  We now have Hercules, which might be even more important right now.  He is starting kindergarten this year, and he will be able to go with Little Boy  to and from school.  He will also need a more structured environment for his homework and bedtime than Baby Z right now, and J and I are better at offering that, than their dad is.  Hercules also has more specialized needs than his little brother, and I think that this will be a positive step.

Yesterday was H's 6th birthday party.  My aunt and uncle cancelled, as did J's brother.  J's mom and sister were otherwise engaged yesterday, so it was a small little party.  A friend of ours came and brought her brother and two boys, so that was truly awesome of her, and my step son attended with his girlfriend.  We managed to have a party for the little man despite the odds, and fun was had by all.

Sadly, I have little more I can share with you at this time, as my daughter's eyes have opened, and her mouth works on the same hinge.  It will be bedtime before I will be able to hear my own thoughts again, much less, be able to share them.  I hope all of you are having wonderful weekends!

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  1. holy shit. look what happens when you drop out for a while. . . good lord, v. i have been so curious but not wanted to pry ... glad you are spitting it out finally... thinking of you ... kate