Thursday, May 12, 2011

Confession is good for the soul they say

After keeping a secret for a rather long time, I am noticing that while we no longer have any reason for maintaining the secrecy, we find ourselves doing so for the simplicity of our lives. So, what better way to stop such a trend, than to tell all (any) of my bloggy pals who might still be reading what our secret is?

We are having our seventh child, due May 19, which if it sparks in your memory for some crazy reason, it will be BG's second birthday. This information has been "top secret" classified to all those who didn't actually have the 'need to know' until...well, until now. The first reason we chose to keep this to ourselves is simple, after BG was born, I became extremely ill, and we were not completely (at all, in my case) sure that we could bring ourselves to answer 'those' questions, if things did not go well this time because of residual complications. The second is because my relatives are rather loathe to accept the size of our family. On top of everything else that has been going on, I am indeed selfish enough not to want to hear the, "Jeez Viv! Is this really what you need right now? You have six kids already, enough is enough." This has been a standard line ever since our second child was born, in which only the number has changed. I. Really. Hate. Deplore. Despise. Hearing. This.

I am going to put a little (okay, quite a lot) of blind faith in someone who has yet to let me down, my husband, and my children, that we can do this. In what seems like the bleakest moment in our lives, that there is a reason for such a miracle, and that we are indeed well and truly blessed. I am also going to be just selfish enough not to let my extended family bring me down. I am going to be resilient enough to let the negativity that will be coming my way shortly, not reach my heart. I'm going to be just hard-headed enough to believe that we can do this. The easiest part of all, will be to have enough love to encompass one more. So, blog world, do me a favor, say a little prayer for us, think some positive thoughts and send them our way, or just smile thinking of teeny, tiny baby fingers...because I have a feeling that I'll be needing all the good karma and love that you all can send my way.


  1. got it. good karma, good wishes, baby toes and fingers! heading your way.... blessings to you viv.

  2. Oh Viv, congratulations on the little one that will be joining your family soon!! I was told after my fourth child by doctors and others that we should not have more, as it could kill me and the baby. I also had my hands full with two special needs kids. Financially, we were struggling tremendously, and then I suddenly found myself expecting a surprise fifth child. It was a challenge in the beginning, but she has been one of the greatest sources of joy during my days. She also has brought great unity to our family, and is greatly loved. I am so grateful that the Lord sent such a large spirit in a little body to our family, even though others (including myself at first) had other ideas. I pray that all goes well for you, and I'm excited to hear more details as they come when you feel ready to post.

    By the way, my brothers family has ten kids, so hurry up already!! ;)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! I am thrilled for you, and wishing I had read this two days ago, so I could have been thrilled two days ago. You are amazing and babies are wonderful and big families are 'da bomb' and the thing that matters most is right there in your post: that you will put your faith in your family. You can more than do this Viv. Those are seven lucky, blessed kids.

    I will pray for an EASY DELIVERY to get things goin' in the right direction.

    Children are good for the soul!

  4. No matter how much room your life takes up...there is always room for two more feet.


  5. Awwww, congratulations. I haven't been keeping up very well recently and when I saw your FB post about the portacrib I tried to come back and look around and found nothing. Sneaky you! I'll keep your family in my thoughts. We hope to add a second if God is so willing. So excited for your family.

  6. Oh, I think it's wonderful! Every sibling is a gift to your other children -- not to mention to yourself and to the world. I want you to be healthy and happy, and don't know about the complications you mentioned, but I hope your recovery is going very well.

    Miracles happen every single day -- why shouldn't one happen to you?