Saturday, June 5, 2010

We are having a 'lazy Summer'

We are coming to the end of another school year. I am so very pleased and happy that the kids will be home, and that we'll be able to avoid alarm clocks and such for the time being. Summer vacation is a vacation from scheduling, at which I am doing quite poorly, at the moment. I think that the lack of sleep from the past two years has finally caught up with me in earnest. Sometimes I just can't wake up. I know I need to, I know I should...and still, the idea of getting out of bed at that moment, seems as impossible a task as taking flight. I'm hoping to recharge me batteries this summer.

Organization is another key component of my plans. We are going to finally have time to sit down and figure out what to keep, what to let go, and where to store it all. The kids might actually be as excited about this prospect as I am. A place for everything...not a novel idea, just not something we've enjoyed for a rather long time now.

Camp is most emphatically *not* part of my plans. I am not going to let the kids enroll in, nor let them be enrolled in anything that requires us to keep a schedule. I actually think the kids might be relieved about this one. Camp is fun, but, alarm clocks are not. Nor, is it fun to get seven people out the door by the time the rooster crows. I just have to remember to stay strong in my convictions when well meaning family try to 'help out.'

So, I say, "Come on Summer! I am longingly waiting for all the relief you bring, at the same time that I am dreading the heat and humidity that we must bear to entertain you." Please, this last week is one of the most difficult to bear...HURRY!!!


  1. Viv, we're trying to organize too. A place for everything? Sounds heavenly. I'm just trying not to get discouraged in my efforts. Todays project: the boys clothes. So far, without all the laundry done, I've counted 46 t-shirts. This does NOT include soccer jerseys, which probably number somewhere around 15 or 20. No wonder I'm drowning. Will rectify this situation by the end of the weekend. Hopefully. Crossing fingers.

  2. I always nest this time of year too. I found that limiting my fussing to 30 minutes a day keeps my compulsiveness under wraps.

  3. Wow your kids get out early, our school goes to June 30, just noticed l can finally post Who Hoo This is Mo BTW (ericsMommy)

  4. Sounds great! I hope you are able to turn off that alarm and catch up on some much needed sleep.